Ready to Get the PlayStation 3 Jailbreak?

A lot of people are asking us about the PS3 Jailbreak 4.31 that is it out or not?  To be quite honest there are few private software that can help you in jailbreaking the device. These software’s rarely get leaked and if they stay in the market for the long time then there is the doubt that they might get patch very soon. Sometimes you may use the old software that are not working any longer and these software might get your device brick. So your best bet is to stay away from that and get the legitimate software.

Most of the time people ask the question that are there any benefits for jailbreaking the device or it is just a waste of time? Certainly, there is a lot of benefits of jailbreaking the device and if you have been told that jailbreaking the device is not going to help you then you are totally on the misleading path. Jailbreaking the device will enable you to run the pirated applications on your device. You can run any game for free of cost and you won’t need to pay $60 or more for any game. This is one of the best thing for jailbreaking the device.

Is PlayStation 3 Only for the Games? No, If you are thinking to watch the movies online then that thing can be done very easily and you can watch the blu-ray movies as well on your PlayStation 3 device without getting any problem. You can run any thing you want on the PlayStation 3. You can send emails to your friend as well very easily using the PlayStation 3. There are multiple things that can be done on the PlayStation 3 device.

Who invented the first jailbreak? we would go brief about it, the first ps3 jailbreak software was developed by the George hotz also known as Geohot. Geohot found the exploits and later on he jailbroken the device perfectly. He gave his software the PlayStation 3 community for free of cost. Due to this PlayStation 3 sales were increased rapidly and due to that Sony had to take some action so they took all the authority of the Geohot. Geohot property and many similar things took by Sony using Lawsuit. Later on, it has been reported that Geohot currently working for the Facebook and we don’t know actually what is his job in the Facebook. As time passed a lot of new hacker came and contributed to jailbreak the device. Another one is graf_chokolo who also jailbroken few firmware of the PlayStation 3 and Sony took action against them as well.